Taking delivery of my 2023 Tesla Model Y RWD

Taking delivery of my 2023 Tesla Model Y RWD

November 22nd 2022

I took delivery of my 2023 Tesla Model Y RWD on 22nd November from Manchester Trafford Centre.

Collection Experience

The collection was the only choice I had, so I made my way over to the Trafford Centre and found the Tesla parking area. I walked in and there was a man talking to one of the two reps, so I approached the other.

It was all very easy. I showed my driver's license and signed for the collection and was given my two shiny (well actually matt) key cards. The rep told me where my car was in their grid system.

I headed out of the reception area and saw the massive amount of Teslas parked up ready to be collected by the new owners. There must have been about 100.

I could see my Model Y with the registration plate I had been told via text a week or so before. I had a plan in my head to follow one or more of the available delivery checklists to look for common (or what used to be common) issues.

That lasted for about 5 minutes...

I was happy with the car so I drove to the nearest supercharger as I had about 40% charge and potentially needed a little more, and I just wanted to try one out. Luckily the nearest supercharger was about one minute away.

I reversed into the charging spot and plugged in, that was that. Very simple.

So that was that, my collection day. All smooth and the car is brilliant. Ask me any questions in the comments!

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