The best top 5 must-have Tesla Model 3 & Y accessories for 2023

The best top 5 must-have Tesla Model 3 & Y accessories for 2023

There are so many great accessories for your Tesla Model 3 and Y, so here are a list of my favourites.

1. Spigen EZ Fit Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector

Currently £32.99, this is an essential piece for your Tesla. The screen is nearly everything, so you really should protect it.

Fitting screen protectors can be really difficult and annoying when it goes wrong and you get miss-aligned edges or bubbles. This screen protector comes with a kit that helps you apply it perfectly.

2. ThinsGo Tesla Model Y Trunk Boot Mat/Cover

This is definitely a must-have too. A boot/trunk/cargo protector that even goes up the sides and back of the rear seats. This means when you fold the rear seats down for that massive IKEA wardrobe you won't damage the back of them.

It also makes a comfier place to sit or lay. More on this later on.

You can also get to the boot well/hidden space area easily!

Currently £115

P.S. if you have a model 3, I'd check this out instead:

3. Spigen One-Touch Hidden Storage Box

This clever device adds a hidden compartment under your center console/armest that has a one-touch opening door. A great place to hide valuables like your sunglasses or cash.

Currently £19.99

4. Center Console Organizer Tray

Much like the above, this adds yet another storage area that neatly slides out from under the center sliding door compartment. It has little separate areas to keep your things organized and safe.

Currently £17.99

5. TESCAMP Camping Mattress CertiPUR Memory Foam Car Mattress

This has to be my favourite accessory I've discovered so far. This comes in Model 3 and Model Y variants and is made to fit perfectly. It includes the mattress, sheet, and storage bag. And most conveniently it fits in your fruit/frunk or the rear boot/trunk well.

Currently £219 for the Model 3 and £229 for the Model Y.

Model 3

Model Y

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